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VGA Output Microscope Camera Industrial camera
V20P is a high resolution camera with 2.0MP. It is different from the USB,1394 network output cameras,it is high-end VGA output digital video camera. the max resolution is 1600x1200, with dynamically displayed frame rate at 15 fps,low noise,high dynamic range.

2MP VGA Industrial Camera, the maximum resolution for previewing is 1600x1200,with dynamically displayed frame rate at 15fps. By the achievement of combination in pixels because of hardware, it supports the resolution which is smaller than itself, improves the sensitivity, and increases the previewing speed. The hardware adopts the transducer with low noise and high dynamic range, thus guaranteeing the perfect quality of micro-vision.

  • 2 megapixels high-definition VGA interface output
  • 15 frames per second live image preview at full resolution
  • Display higher speed than USB Camera
  • Auto white balance and auto exposure
  • Support three couples of cross lines
  • Capture image to SD card with JPEG format
  • connected to monitor directly,control without software
  • Specialized on industrial inspection and microscope
  • PCB inspection
  • semiconductor inspection
  • quality inspection in industry
  • microscopic images observation and analysis
  • experiment, examine and analysis in Hospitals,school and scientific research